One Week for a Hard-working Green Councillor

Cllr Lawrence Brown shares his diary for the week ending 21st July

  • Saturday 15th: Knocking on doors and talking to people in the Penny Lane triangle area,  followed by delivering a welcome letter to newly registered residents in the L18 area of the ward.
  • Sunday16th: Lawrence spent most of the day helping with the RHS National Gardens Scheme event at 6 Croxteth Grove, part of the Sefton Park Gardens collection. Cllr Brown was hands-on with issuing tickets and serving tea and cakes (see attached photo). This forms part of the ‘community duties’ of a local councillor.
  • Monday 17th: Lawrence spent most of the day in The Toxteth Avenues Conservation Area, picking up casework. He reported 30 ‘actionable’ items to Liverpool Direct. In the evening, Lawrence attended the TANN Residents’ Association meeting. (“TANN” is “The Avenues Neighbourhood Network”).
  • Tuesday 18th: Lawrence attended the City Council’s Planning Committee in the morning and early afternoon to oppose two planning applications for permanent developments on designated areas of Green Space (under the UDP 2002) – Sefton Park and Hope University. He spent the remainder of the afternoon in the Dales area picking up casework. There were 40 actionable items to report to Liverpool Direct. On Tuesday evening Lawrence attended a meeting of The Dales Residents’ Group.
  • Wednesday 19th: Lawrence attended the “ L1578” community meeting in the early afternoon followed by the meeting of the full City Council from 5pm to about 8.20pm in the Town Hall. At that meeting, he seconded an amendment seeking an urgent review of extra money paid to councillors who are members of the City Region Transport Committee. These additional allowances total £206,000. Unfortunately, the Labour councillors voted down that amendment, but Lawrence is determined to make sure other ways are found to look into these handouts to councillors.
  • Thursday 20th: A day devoted to catching up with many emails from and on behalf of local residents, including objections and comments made regarding planning applications. And in the evening Lawrence was again knocking on doors and talking with residents.
  • Friday 21st: Lawrence helped out with the delivery of July “Green View” in the L8 area of the ward and responded to further emails/casework requests. The issue of missed bin collections was raised.

Leave Liverpool Tidy – 4th June

Are you a student coming to the end of term and wondering what to do with all the stuff from your flat? We can help.

On the 4th of June Greenbank Greens will be supporting Liverpool Guild’s Leave Liverpool Tidy action day.

This is an eco-friendly opportunity to get rid of any unwanted clothes or kitchen items you no longer need.

All you need to do is bring everything along to the Frontline Church on the 4th of June and Liverpool Guild will sort it, clean it, and make sure it goes back into circulation to benefit the next generation of students arriving in Liverpool.

We can provide bags for you to collect your donations in – if you’d like more info just email:

Green Spaces Review published

This morning the Green Spaces Review Panel has released its interim report, which you can download here: Green Spaces Strategy web

The panel is now gathering feedback on the report. There will be three public meetings taking place in January. Places will be strictly limited though, so please call 0151 233 7045 or email to make sure you get a place.

Details of the meetings are as follows:

Thursday 14th January (5pm – 8pm)

Croxteth Lifestyles Centre, Croxteth Sports Centre, Altcross Road, L11 0BS

Thursday 21st January (5pm – 8pm)

Southern Neighbourhood Centre, 109 Upper Mann Street, Toxteth, L8 6TS

Thursday 28th January (5pm – 8pm)

The Black E, 1 Great George Street, L1 5EN

You can also submit your views to the Panel by visiting the Council website.

The panel, chaired by actor Simon O’Brien, is looking into the future of the city’s parks and how they should be managed. We would encourage everyone to get actively involved in this process.
The initial impression is that this is a wide-ranging report with some good ideas. We are particularly pleased that the report backs the Green Party policy of a one-off increase to Council Tax to help continue funding our parks. We are also pleased that the report says that our existing parks should be permanently protected.
However the report has nothing to say on Sefton Park Meadows. Unfortunately the panel has joined the Mayor in classifying the Meadows as ‘incidental open space’. This is despite the fact that the Meadows is legally classified as part of Sefton Park.

This is not the end of the story though – there are still strong grounds for any planning application to be refused. We will continue working with local campaigners to ensure that Redrow’s building plans do not go ahead.

This morning Simon O’Brien, Mayor Anderson and Ken Aspinall from Save Sefton Park Meadows all appeared on Tony Snell’s morning show on Radio Merseyside. You can listen to the show again here.

The interview with Mayor Anderson is at 00:08:30. The discussions between Simon O’Brien and Ken Aspinall start at 01:07:15 and runs to 01:17:40.

Road Safety on Greenbank Road

This morning I headed down to Greenbank Road to check out the traffic problems there. 

It gave me the chance to record a first video blog, which is something I’ll be aiming to do regularly from now on.

As you can see from the video there are a number of reasons why traffic is so bad in that part of the ward. There aren’t likely to be many quick fixes, but we’ll be spending the next few months working to try and improve the situation. 

Green Spaces review: where has it gone?

A few weeks ago I submitted a letter to the Liverpool Echo regarding the whereabouts of the council’s much vaunted Green and Open Spaces review. The letter hasn’t been published yet, so I thought I would use this blog to put my questions in the public domain.

The letter said:

On the 28th of June the Echo reported that the Council’s Green Spaces Review Board would be releasing a draft report “by the end of this month”. We are now into September and there is still no sign of this report.

Can the Mayor, or anyone else at the council, explain the reason for this delay? And is it true that the council has now requested “revisions” to what was supposed to be an independent report?

The Green Spaces review was originally launched in January 2015. Public Meetings and workshops organised by the review board took place between March and May this year.

According to the original terms of reference the work of the Review group is supposed to have been fully completed within 12 months. We are now just a couple of months away from that deadline. Are the public going to be given any opportunity to scrutinise or comment on the content of the report before it is finalised?

I have submitted these questions directly to the council, and I will keep you updated on any progress.

David Morgan

Greenbank Greens launch community litter-pick initiative

Greenbank Greens have launched a series of community litter-pick events. These will be taking place across the ward each month and it would be great to try and get as many people involved as possible.

All the necessary equipment will be provided, all that you need to do is dress sensibly for the weather. Details of the upcoming events for 2015 are as follows:

UPDATE 07/10/15: Due to problems on Hartington Road coming to our attention we have now swapped the sessions for October and November. The new confirmed details are:

Saturday 10th October (10:30am – 12pm)
Harrington Road, Fern Grove, Lodge Lane
Meet: St. Bede’s Church (corner of Fern Grove and Hartington Road)

Saturday 14th November (10:30am – 12pm)
Penny Lane
Meet: Penny Lane Development Trust, Penny Lane

Saturday 12th December (10:30am – 12pm)
Nicander Road
Meet: Entrance to Greenbank Primary School

We’ll be posting regular reminders before each event on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. In the meantime you’d like to talk to us about organising an event in your neighbourhood, or if you’d like to flag up specific problems with littering or dumping, then please email: