Street issues around Smithdown Road

Residents have raised concerns over parking issues on the waste ground on Smithdown Road between Duddingston Avenue and Cramond Avenue. The ground is currently being used as a parking free-for-all, with no sign of work starting on the ‘Smithdown Halls’ as stated on the signage. Lawrence Smithdown Halls
Lawrence Brown has requested that extra bollards or railings be installed on the land at the corner of Cramond Avenue and Smithdown Road to prevent it being used as an unofficial car park, endangering people who are walking along Cramond Avenue as cars enter or leave the land.

Several residents have raised concerns about the fortnightly recycling box collection, there have been issues with bins and boxes not being returned to people’s properties and occasional missed collections. Lawrence has contacted Enterprise Liverpool to ask them to ensure that recycling bins and boxes are returned correctly to properties. If there is a missed collection, residents can report this to the council by calling Liverpool Direct on 233 3001.

Lawrence has also reported a street light which is burning throughout the day on Dudley Road. This should be fixed in the near future.

If you have any more concerns about this, or any other issue, please get in touch with Lawrence by email at