Sefton Park perimeter roads update

Some progress, for some residents.

Sefton Park perimeter will be recommended for a 20mph speed limit next year, but unfortunately the Council is keeping its design as a fast, wide main road to carry major flows of commuter traffic.

Backed by more than 300 positive responses from residents, Green Councillors, supported by Lawrence Brown, have used the environment scrutiny committee to argue for more pedestrian crossings and for raised surfaced to slow traffic at junctions. There was some progress: to his credit, the chair of that committee allowed the Sefton Park debate to take place.

We achieved just one design change: the junction for Lark Lane is set to be raised up as a “speed table” so that the Zebra crossing there will have some protection from speeding traffic.

The Zebra crossings for St Hilda’s and at Elmswood Road will not have that protection. And we have not been able to persuade the Council to provide any additional crossings such as for Livingston Drive, or for pedestrians coming from Ullet Road and the Lodge Lane area – a nightmare crossing point.


Lawrence comments, “the few changes that have been made to the Sefton Park perimeter road plans are welcome and will make the road safer but do not go far enough. The council needs to think harder about the priorities of local residents walking to the park and the negative impact the busy road has on our community. I will be pressing for further traffic calming measures.