Save Sefton Park Meadows


New land grab would turn parkland into private housing plots

meadows google map
In a shock announcement, the Mayor and his cabinet have rubber-stamped a decision to sell off 6 acres of land on the edge of Sefton Park.

The Mayor has declared the land “surplus to Council requirements”. It is to be sold to a developer to build large private houses with private gardens instead of the shared public space we enjoy now.

The Mayor’s report says ‘the site should realise a significant capital receipt which would be ringfenced to financially assist delivery of the city’s investment priorities.’

As a recognised Green Space, this land should never be given planning permission for housing. If the Mayor gets his way, no green space anywhere will be safe. For example, the landlord of the cricket club at St Michaels could evict the club and build houses there.

Lawrence Brown comments, “we are very lucky to have the amount of Green Space that we do in and around Greenbank. We must make sure that this decision is stopped. Not only will it be disastrous for the site itself and the impact on the surrounding area, but it could also be a catalyst for more sell offs and development of Green Space which makes our area special.”

Green Party campaigns to “Save our park”

Green Councillors and volunteers are working to resist the plans to build on Sefton Park Meadows. The Council will have to advertise its intentions to dispose of this public open space and we need to create a torrent of objections when that happens. The Mayor and the Labour Party need to be told: “Hands off our Park!”.

Please click here to find out how you can help the campaign to stop the sell off of Sefton Park Meadows