Save Sefton Park Meadows – The Campaign Continues

The campaign to save 6 acres of green fields beside Sefton Park is continuing and gaining more and more support every day.

Lawrence Brown addressing the packed Save Sefton Meadows public meeting in April.

Lawrence Brown addressing the packed Save Sefton Meadows public meeting in April.

After a public meeting in April, members of the public formed an independent steering group to drive forward the campaign. Green Party Councillors and volunteers have been helping the group by printing campaign leaflets free of charge and collecting signatures on the petition.

Lawrence Brown and local Green Party volunteers have been knocking on doors around our area to try to get as many signatures as possible before the deadline of 31st May.

Lawrence commented, “we have been overwhelmed by the public support for this campaign.
99% of people who we have spoken to on the doorstep in our area are happy to sign the petition. We cannot believe the Mayor and his Councillor colleagues are still ploughing ahead with this hugely unpopular and unnecessary proposal.”

A full council meeting was called last month to discuss the sell-off of this area as it is recognised as being extremely valuable to local residents. The Green Councillors put forward an amendment which would postpone the sell-off of Sefton Park Meadows. We had hoped to gain cross-party support, especially from the Labour Councillors from the wards surrounding this area. Unfortunately, and without exception, all Labour Councillors voted against the amendment and against the idea of postponing Joe Anderson’s plan.

If you would like to sign the petition, but we haven’t been round to your street yet, please get in touch with Lawrence (details overleaf) and we will bring a petition form round for you to sign.

More information about the campaign visit: or