Lawrence’s local solutions around Greenbank Road

Lawrence Brown working year-round for our area

Greenbank road crossing
Lawrence has been listening to local concerns about crossing Greenbank Road to get into Greenbank Park. Particularly at peak times,the road can been filled with fast moving traffic. Lawrence is looking into the possibility of installing a ‘central refuge’ or island to make crossing the road easier for those who find the park difficult to access.

Nicander Road pot hole
After complaints from local residents, Lawrence has successfully lobbied the council to fill in a dangerous pothole on Nicander Road. He has also been putting pressure on the council to fix street lights on Greenbank Road and Oakbank Road that have been burning throughout the day.
Nicander Road double yellow
After initially contacting the council in February about the double yellow lines that have been worn away at the junction of Nicander Road and Smithdown Road that have caused problems for residents, Lawrence has been pressing the Council to take action.