Lawrence’s local solutions around Ullet Road

Lawrence Brown working year-round for our area

After listening to concerns of local residents about the amount of litter on St Agnes Field next to St Hilda’s, Lawrence successfully lobbied the council to install a litter bin at the Ullet Road entrance to the field next to the well used public footpath which has had a serious litter problem in the past.

Ullet Road traffic lights
Some residents had complained that the Pelican Crossing on Ullet Road near St Hilda’s School was too slow. Lawrence supports the reprogramming of the lights to respond more quickly to waiting pedestrians; making it safer for residents and school pupils. He is pressing the Council to repeat this at other locations in Greenbank Ward.
Street light cheltenham

A faulty street light on Cheltenham Avenue has now been fixed after Lawrence took up the case from a local resident.

Lawrence has also been actively involved with a group of local residents who have been working with the Quakers to bring the little-used Quaker burial site behind the high walls on Arundel Avenue back into use as a community garden.