Lawrence Brown presses for a Safer Smithdown Road

Lawrence Brown and Greens in Liverpool have been campaigning for 20mph zones on residential streets for several years and we are pleased that the council has begun to install these on some residential streets. However we think that the council could be doing more to make some main roads safer. Many people live on them as well as everyone who shops locally.

Lawrence Smithdown Road Traffic

Smithdown Road is one such main road which could be a much better place. It could be possible to have more space for pedestrians, and space for tables outside cafes. Lawrence Brown, is calling for the City Council to investigate ways in which Smithdown Road can be turned into a safer, calmer space with priority given to pedestrians rather than vehicles; without the use of road humps.

If you have any views on this, please get in touch with Lawrence (details overleaf). We want to to put specific proposals to the City Council showing how the road can be improved and would be interested to hear any ideas from local residents.