Greens help the Mayor to save money on landfill charges with new aluminuim recycling scheme

A new initiative led by Lawrence Brown in our area means that less of the council’s money is being wasted on landfill charges. At the moment the council does not collect aluminium foil amongst various other things, which in most cases will end up in landfill.

The new Green Party scheme hopes to divert as much as possible of that aluminium to recycling rather than landfill and save the Mayor and council tax payers money.

If you would like to recycle your aluminium, such as pastry cases, takeaway containers etc, please wash and squash them and keep until you have a bag full. Then drop them off at your nearest collection point. At the moment there are two collection points in the ward:

31 Patterdale Road, L15 5AT
19 Cheltenham Avenue, L17 2AR

Please get in touch if you can act as another collection point.

Any money made from the recycling scheme will be given to local good causes.