Council gives itself alcohol licence for Sefton Park

The City Council has awarded itself a licence to sell alcohol in Sefton Park 365 days a year until 10pm, despite a large amount of concern from local residents. The council will be employing stewards from G4S to discourage people from taking drink in and out of the park during events.

The Green Party supported local people who tried to moderate the council’s plans by calling for temporary alcohol licences for each event. Our concern is that they will increase the number of events in the park creating problems with noise and traffic for local residents as well as potentially rowdy behaviour.

Green Party Councillor Sarah Jennings spoke to the Licensing Committee and called for a clear traffic management plan for each event and measures to restrict the noise in the early morning and late at night.

Lawrence comments,“We are not against concerts in the park, but people who live close by have difficulty getting in and out of their homes because of the traffic, and often the sound checks start early in the morning. The council hasn’t given local residents any real assurances about how these problems will be resolved, particularly the traffic management.”

Lawrence is keen to hear you views, please get in touch if this is an issue that affects you.