20 is plenty in Greenbank – let’s change our neighbourhood for the better

"Let's make Smithdown Road more pleasant by slowing traffic and encouraging the café-culture."- Lawrence Brown

“Let’s make Smithdown Road more pleasant by slowing traffic and encouraging the café-culture.”- Lawrence Brown

The Green Party has been at the forefront of campaigns for 20mph speed limits in towns and cities throughout the country. In just a few years a large number of councils, including Liverpool, have adopted the policy of a default speed limit of 20mph in residential areas. This has been a major success for common sense; slower speeds mean fewer people killed or injured by vehicles.

The public consultation on roads in Greenbank ward is about to start and it is good to see that most residential roads are likely to have their speed limits reduced to 20mph. However, there are some
important omissions: Greenbank Road is not on the list.
Having listened to what local residents are saying,
Lawrence, supported by Green Party councillors, is pressing
for Greenbank Road to be included too.
If you are a local resident who would like to see a 20mph
speed limit on Greenbank Road or other roads please fill in
and return this form.

The other major omission is the length of Smithdown Road
between Grant Avenue and Gainsborough Road. The busy
stretch witnessed over 100 collisions between 2007 and
2012; this, combined with the high number of pedestrians
who use the area to get to schools, work, parks and shops
makes a compelling case for slower traffic. This is a densely
populated residential area and the traffic speed should be
reduced to 20mph to reflect that. However the Council has
so far refused to consider making any of the main A roads in the city 20mph; something that needs to be challenged on Smithdown Road.