Save Sefton Park Meadows Update

Local residents send messages to Mayor Joe Anderson

Local residents send messages to Mayor Joe Anderson

In a recent Greenbank survey, Lawrence Brown found that maintaining our parks and green spaces is a high priority for local residents. A recent national study has backed this approach, showing that lack of green spaces is partly to blame for the obesity crisis in Britain’s big cities.
Lawrence has been working with Green Party councillors at the forefront of the campaign to save our historic Sefton Park Meadows but, despite a massive campaign to save the area from the bulldozer, the Mayor, supported by Greenbank Labour councillors, is continuing with the plan to sell the land for the building of luxury homes.
The Council is currently choosing a developer who will work up detailed plans for presentation to the planning committee in a few months time.

Lawrence, together with the Save Sefton Park Meadows campaigners are continuing to oppose the sale by:
• Calling for the land to be protected in the new “Local Plan” for Liverpool.
• Asking English Heritage to extend the Grade 1 Listing of Sefton Park to include the Meadows.
• Calling on the government to ‘call in’ any planning decision by appointing an inspector to review the process.

To support the campaign and for more information go to: